• Bottle labels such as mineral water and soft drinks. . .
  • Dairy dishes like cheeses
  • Milk bottle labels
  • Three layers of frozen meat products
  • Three layers of semi-ready broiler products
  • Three layers of food products such as dried fruit and puree
  • Three layers of cosmetics and cosmetics
  • Three layers (sachets) suitable for all kinds of sauces
  • Dual-layer wrappers of dry food such as bread and pasta and pasta
  • Wraps on food products such as chips and puff cakes
  • Double-layer wrap with a volume of 1 to 2 kg suitable for rice, sugar, legumes and spices
  • Two-layer wrappers suitable for all kinds of sweets and chocolates
  • Three-layer wrappers for perfect nuts for tea and coffee
  • Two-layer Capacitive Double-Lid Cap for pharmaceutical products
  • Two-layer cover for poisons and various types of insecticides
  • Double layer aluminum coated wrap with Water Proof
  • Compressed wrappers (Chicken, Meat and Vegetable Juice Extract)
  • Envelope (du pack) for packing different types of juices
  • Five-layer sheet of toothpick tubes
  • Double-layer coatings for the production of disposable tablecloths, hospital disposable covers
  • Disposable Tble cloth

    Laminated Tube multy layer film
  • Doy pack & Pouches

    Bouilon wrap film


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